This stream invites you to dive into watery media poetics. Your guides are two river organisms Caddisfly Larva and Sludge Worm. Both are integral to understanding river health; both are vibrant actors that expand human-centered views of the world.

The stream shifts modes of address as part of its play with subjectivity and moves between virtual and documentary forms, amplifying the difficulty of translation and knowledge between water organisms and humans.

Scroll down for each stage of the dive and linger on chapters. Sound, film and text will mix. Swim and come up for air when you need to.

part 1
caddisfly larva


stones & stems

where water runs 1
fresh 2 & clear 3

streams and rivers are never pure

the chemical composition of the river
sets the parameters for aquatic life

3 clean water is regarded as having very low levels
of chemicals or sediments originating from human activity


a refuge 4
of bark & leaves 5

4 in the UK very few ecosystems are completely
unimpacted by human activity (arguably none at all)

5 fallen leaves in the water from trees along the river banks
provide essential food and resources for ecosystems

a portable shelter 6
camouflage cocoon

6 the concept of a healthy ecosystem
is quite an elusive one



your surroundings 7

your surroundings

7 there are no unambiguous measures of what
an environment should be like